Demon Pact - a neat dungeon crawler made for Ludum Dare in three days

So after a marathon of coding and barely getting any sleep me and my buddy Shadow30 have made and submitted our first game for the Ludum Dare 44 competition - Demon Pact.

The graphics have been bought though but the programming was done from scratch using Monogame + NEZ framework.

If you guys could check it out and leave your feedback that would be awesome! And if you have a Ludum Dare account feel free to rate it.

Gameplay video:

Anyone else have participated in the Ludum Dare 44? Please post your entries in the replies!


Can you explain that life bar? it seems to go down randomly while player is standing still but then also the reverse… and I worked out killing enemies adds life but still, cannot figure it out…

Pretty nice game though, bought assets aside, this could become a good game like that half minute hero?

No, not that one…

This one:

Good luck with the competition!

Well, the idea was that you are constantly losing your life because you have to pay the demon to get out (the theme of the LD is “Your life is currency”. And the only way to survive is to defeat the monsters :slight_smile:


Super cool.

I actually bought the art pack on GameDevMarket ages go but I never did anything with it. It’s amazing to see such an awesome game created in such a short time.

Have you considered doing a write up on a blog or open sourcing the code? Even without the art I’d be interested to see how you put the game together.