Demon Peak


Demon Peak is a 2D Action-Platformer with Metroidvania elements.
The game was Greenlit a while back and is coming to Steam this Summer! :slight_smile:

We also have page and old alpha build available there.

Feedback and Questions are appreciated! :slight_smile:

Gameplay Trailer:


Hey guys,

I have seen this post and downloaded the alpha. After downloading OpenAL it worked without any problems, apart from not registering that i plugged in my gamepad, but it worked with that after the restart.

I guess there is not much point giving feedback about potential bugs or problems with the alpha since a lot of that might be fixed already.

Anyways, about the alpha.

I’ve started playing and it felt incredibly familiar from the get go. I like the block / attack / heavy attack / dash playstyle very much and I think it works very well in this game. Air dash and double jump made it feel a whole lot better once i got that, too.

I like this whole idea so much that some months back I actually made something along the lines on a weekend with a friend, although the setting is clearly different and the enemies don’t have melee because we didnt have time for that

I really love the art style and samurai sort of thing. The main character reminded me a bit of Yasuo from League of Legends with the long waving hair, although it’s a common theme for many characters. Either way, love it.

Obviously the alpha didn’t have a lot of enemy variety, but the samurai guys were super tough for me. I needed several restarts until i killed them, and the way i did it was by dashing in - attack - dashing out. I guess I am not good enough to block / jump his attacks, my reactions for which one to choose were too slow.
Later on i noticed that i don’t even have to get in range if i just kill him with heavy attack from just out of his range, so most of these encounters became a lot more boring unfortunately.

The enemies seen in the beta trailer do look super fun though

It’s cool that the alpha had so many different background / level themes already (and i’ve probably only seen half!), and it felt really huge. So huge that a map would have been appreciated from the get go haha

Anyways, yeah just keep it up. Great stuff!

BTW: Why do you not use the content pipeline for textures?

And you should tweet some gifs of your game’s progress and add #monogame to it, they will be retweeted by the official monogame account


Wow, this looks really great! Gameplay looks fluid and fun, and I’m a fan of the art style too!
I’m very excited for this one :slight_smile:

I think this is a good candidate for the MonoGame 2017 showcase too :smiley:

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Good to hear that the game looks/feels good, that’s what we are aiming for!
To be fair, alpha is outdated but should give basic feeling of the game. The gameplay has improved a lot since then :slight_smile:
Alpha might feel huge, but its really short once you are used to gameplay. About the Map, we are actually working on Map System and its mostly done.

Content Pipeline is not used for textures currently because .pngs are easier to handle, and make quick edits and possible modding easier.

P.S. That gif looks pretty good for one weekend of work, and we’ll keep #monogame in mind :slight_smile:

I just tried the alpha! If there’s one point of critique I’d give it to level design. Everything is very linear which does not do the Metroidvania genre justice. I know that’s a bit of a stupid thing to say about the alpha version though :stuck_out_tongue: Good luck with the game and keep us posted! :slight_smile:
EDIT: I also think the tone of the song fit the atmosphere very well!

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hmm I thought the backtracking etc. was on a good level, how far did you play?

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I played all of it. Hmm, I think I didn’t phrase my critique right. IMO the broad structure of the map is good, but some places were… a bit unintuitive to traverse I guess. Not sure if I can express this better, it’s just a feeling I had while playing. Anyway, it’s a preference thing so not like changing things around would make the game better for everyone.

Btw, nice that you put a boss fight in the alpha, it makes for a nice climax :slight_smile:

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Could you clarify exactly what part(s) didn’t feel good in the Level Design?

And how did the Boss battle feel?

I’d have to replay and pay better attention to this to figure it out better myself. But I’m off on holidays for the next few days

I liked the boss battle generally. I figured out pretty quickly that you could just jump-dash over the boss from side to side for an easy victory. That was probably not intended because it made it really easy to dodge its attacks without really paying attention to the patterns.

When not cheating like that I found the boss enjoyable. Some more attack types could have been nice, like something with projectiles or the environment to force the player to pay attention to more than just the boss itself. Another thing is I sometimes didn’t see an attack coming because I was too far away from the boss. Zooming the camera out a bit for the boss (maybe only when the boss would be off screen otherwise) would’ve allowed to better predict the boss’ next move which I think makes the battle more fair.