hello everybody

can anyone help me for deployement ?

I did a little project with Monogame and, I’d like to deploy it on other PC. I tried several solutions but no one works.

so, How to deploy the project on other PC ?

thanks for answers

Hi @jean_louis,

You need to provide more information for anybody to assist you.

  • What system are you developing on?
  • What IDE are you using?
  • What system are you targeting?
  • What dependencies does your application use?
  • Which version of MonoGame are you using?
  • Are you using DEVBranch of MonoGame?
  • Do you mean:
  • -[ Test on another system
  • -[ Export an installer package
  • -[ Create a store ready package

Happy Coding!

thanks for your answer.

I use visual studio 2017,
i’d like to deploy on any PC,
I use Mononogame

I’d like to create an installer for any other Pc or, a setup.

thanks again

I read, Cross Platform Deployment, not something I am yet experienced with, hopefully someone can now help you better.

Making the assumption you are on Windows 10.

Happy Coding!


You need to define “on any PC”, as this can mean, Windows 10, Windows 8 and Prior [No idea why], Linux or Mac/iOS/AppleTV or other similar devices.

You may want to check out .NET Core 3 - the whole idea is the framework can come with the game itself, and it should run on Windows 7 and newer. There is even a mode where you can bundle the whole thing as a single exe, although the first time it is run it is unpacked to a temporary folder somewhere (so a little slower startup time).

It should make deployment very easy.

If not, you could look into WiX Toolset for Windows deployment, if you wanna get into the ugly bowels of writing a Windows installer

You may also be able to do it with ClickOnce - although I can’t tell you if that would work or not. Just make sure to note that the person playing your game will need to be compatible with whatever .NET Framework version you target.