Deploying on Xbox 360

Hi there,

I’m creating a very simple 2D game and I’m the initial phase of development but I want to be able to play the game in an Xbox 360.

Is it possible to deploy a game to Xbox 360?

If yes, can someone point me to some tutorial explaining the steps needed to do the deployment?

Thank you.

I think you have to have an account with XBLIG / Arcade, but I don’t think you can buy access anymore.

You can use Xbox gamepads on Windows. Or go with Xbox One.

MonoGame doesn’t support Xbox 360, but does support Xbox One. You can however use XNA to make Xbox 360 games (MonoGame is open source implementation of Xna, so APIs are almost identical).

I don’t have such account so I think I’ll have to upgrade to Xbox One

No, I’ll not use XNA anymore. I’ll build the game for XBox One only.

Is out there any tutorial explaining the steps to deploy in an XBox One?

There are MonoGame UWP templates in VS, you will need the develop version of MG, google up how to run UWP apps on Xbox One.