Descensus 3 - a hypercasual 2D physics game

Hi all! I’ve recently published Descensus 3, my first game built with MonoGame, for Android and Windows:

The link to the Android version is on the page above, I can only post 2 links here!

It is a full rebuild, and extension of, Descensus 2, which was a JavaScript / HTML5 app. (let’s not mention Descensus 1 :slight_smile: )

Here is a video of the gameplay: Descensus 3 gameplay - YouTube

And a screenshot:

I think it’s more fun with touch input, but I got pretty good with mouse too (depending on your finger / screen size, mouse might be a bit more accurate, but probably at the expense of speed).

I am REALLY glad that I made the effort to get into MonoGame. I’ve tried Unity and a couple of other engines in the past and I always got stuck on the the whole “editor first” approach. I would spend ages learning how and where to wire in custom code and then give up. I prefer to just write C#, end of story.

For the physics I used Aether.Physics2D. Huge thanks to Nikos Kastellanos, it was awesome to work with!

Enjoy Christmas breaks, all!