DesktopGL executable for Mac/Linux?


I’m developing Crossplatform game, with latest stable MonoGame 3.5.
I know that you have to install mono complete / mono runtime for Linux to run the game, and then you’ll have to use command “mono game.exe”. I don’t know about Mac since I haven’t tested it.

How can I make so that the game is easy to install for anyone, and there is executable for each platform so that it is easy for anyone to play? In Windows you’d run Game.exe, and in Linux you’d run Game.bin (Linux uses bin right?) and so on.
The game is (hopefully) going to be on Steam too.

I read about MonoKickstart, but it seemed to have problems with latest MonoGame and is twice the size of my current game.

Actually Linux does not have an extension for executable files.

MonoGame has it’s own fork of Kickstart: GitHub - MonoGame/MonoKickstart: Kick start executable for running stand-alone distributed Mono applications which you should use for what you are trying to achieve.