DesktopGL Graphics Device Information and Set Adapter

  1. DesktopGL projects are missing a lot of properties and methods that Windows projects have for GraphicsAdapter, including DeviceId and DeviceName. Is there a reason this information isn’t available? I’d think that DirectX and OpenGL have the means of obtaining this information. Furthermore, the GraphicsCapabilities class is internal and thus not exposed, and I think it would be great to have this information to adjust your game based on the capabilities of the device.
  2. I have both Intel HD Graphics and a discrete GPU. No matter what UseDriverType I set, I can’t get MonoGame to use my Intel HD Graphics. Am I missing something?

Thanks a lot in advance!

OpenGL does not provide a way for you to choose the graphics device it will use, instead the system(the driver to be precise) itself is responsible for that.

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