Dev Branch or 3.7.1 for Android Release

There seems to be a tone of fixes/upgrades done on the Android Dev branch since the 3.7.1 release. What’s the best branch to use for an actual release to the world? The latest Dev Branch or the stable 3.7.1 release?

Some queries:
Anything done to speed up load time in the dev branch?
Anything that causes things not to work on older phones in the dev branch?
And visa versa - any serious bugs in 3.7.1 that have been fixed up in the dev branch?


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I’d like to help you, but I don’t know :rofl:

I’ve come across one big problem in the 3.7.1 release:

Trying instead the latest dev branch ( fixes this problem and all else seems to be working fine, so to answer the original question, it looks like the dev branch is the way to go.

However it would be good to hear from others about this.