Developing an 2D RPG framework on top of MonoGame

Hi I am developing a sort of framework on top of MonoGame, to clarify:
I want to create something similiar to RPG Maker but more powerfull
My project is opensource RpgeOpen:
you will be able to make your own 2D (A/J/G/pokemon)RPG, making maps with Tiled and customize it either in C# or Python2.7 (more languages maybe in future)

I want to target all possible platforms: PC(Win,Linux,Mac), Nintedo Switch, PS4, XBOXONE
so, other from PC, how I get the SDKs for the other platforms?

PS: If somebody is interested in my project, write me an email:

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To get access to a console repository, you will need to be a registered developer for the platform and contact @Tom. Due to their proprietary nature, MonoGame cannot include them by default.

Yeah, you can “prep” an engine or library to insure that it will play nice with a proprietary platform. But you can’t incorporate the platform’s specific code into your library. They make you sign all sorts of NDAs when you sign up as a developer for a closed console platform. And they take that sort of thing seriously. If you try to violate that crap, you can get yourself banned for life.

Even a companies like Unity and Epic don’t release platform-specific code in their engines. They’ll advertise that their engines are “compatible” with consoles. But you have to get your foot in the door before you can actually start using those parts of those engines. If you register as a console developer, and get your hands on an SDK (most likely by buying one) you can “optimize” your engine to make sure that it is easy for developers to port their games. But the actual porting will always be on a developer-by-developer basis.

Well technically speaking when you will create a game with RpgeOpen
your game code (C# or Python) and data (images, game mechanics, game data, maps etc) are wrapped in the Content and your game is executed by RpgeOpen.Player (that is a monogame project)

So for sure I need the SDKs

  1. where I can apply for each platform?
  2. do the game creator still needs the platform SDK license even if he won’t directly use that? I think yes :frowning:
  3. So I will need to check if a developer has the license before allowing to use the SDK :confused:

Has this been worked on or updated recently?