Developing Cross Platform (Including Mac) Game On Windows (Visual Studio 2015)

Hello all
I was looking for the 2D Game Framework and I found out MonoGame interesting

I downloaded the setup and installed it, also created a new project of MonoGame OpenGL for Windows and then Compile it and debug it, it was run properly in my windows.

However, when I checking the main entry of program (the program.cs file), I saw #if WINDOWS || LINUX code which make me unsure about compatibility of the compiled game, will it run under Mac OS? if not, then is it possible to run the compiled game under Mac OS?

I don’t have Mac to test this

The entry point for a program/application/game is not the same on all platforms, that’s why that define is there. It is nothing to worry about. Monogame definitely supports mac and windows without needing to ifdef 99% of your game code.

So in short, if i compile the game in windows, it will run on mac and linux as long it doesn’t contains platform specific codes?


And I would recommend a build-tool like Protobuild to change the imported files as well depending on the platform you build for as well.
There may be some files you may need in built for Mac or Linux that you don’t need for Windows or the other way round (differing XNB-files or imports).
Protobuild helps with that by generating the right project files, updating them and setting the correct switches so that, basically, you only have to open it in your IDE and build it.