Developing with the switch pro controller

I’m trying to do testing with a controller, but the only one I have on hand is a switch pro controller. I’ve tried tools like wiinusoft and x360 but neither of them seem to work within monogame. Has anyone had success using the switch pro controller?

Are you targeting DesktopGL? This PR updated SDL to 2.0.9, which added Switch Pro Controller support.

I’m not sure, where can I confirm this?

Which type of MonoGame project did you make when you created it? You should’ve seen something like this (assuming you’re using Visual Studio):

If you don’t remember, check the project properties and look at the Conditional compilation symbols. If you see WINDOWS, then you likely created a WindowsDX project, and if you see LINUX then you created DesktopGL.

It was a windows project, so then I’m using WindowsDX