DevLog - 13 RONIN

Hello everybody!

My name is Jan Adolfsson and I’m writing my first real game - 13 RONIN. It’s a pixel-art samurai sword fighting game in the same spirit as 8-bit classics such as Barbarian and The Way of the Exploding Fist.

I’m using C# and MonoGame (obviously) and writing about the development on my dev-blog at I’m continously sharing both tools and code I write for different parts of the game such as rain- and lightning-engines, tools for merging spritesheets etc.

If you’re thinking about writing your own game please head over to to get inspired. Before the end of June I’ll probably release an editor for perfecting spritesheet animations and then I’ll put all focus on finishing the sprites for level 1.

Happy coding!


Wow, two of my favourite games when I was a kid back in the 80’s. Liking your little samurai guy, still need to have a “kick” action though :slight_smile:

Good luck with the game and keep us posted!

Edit: I do have a question - How do you create the animated sprite graphics, I know they will be on a tile sheet, but do you draw each frame, or do you use a tool of some sort to create them?

Nice cool homepage ^^y reminds me of samurai X ^^Y

Of course my little samurai will have a “kick”-action :slight_smile:

I actually already have a rough version of the kick and a lot of other moves as well, but they all require some work before I feel comfortable to share them.

I use an editor called Pyxel-edit for creating my spritesheets. It’s quite good, but a little slow when working with big sheets and/or multiple sheets. Otherwise it’s great. And yes, I draw them frame by frame :slight_smile: It’s time consuming but fun.

I’ll take a look at Samurai X.

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Thanks for getting back to me. I wish I had the skills to draw. Just watched a tutorial using something called Hexels. Impressive tool. Not sure if you use this or something else/better.