Diagnostic Tools (cpu, ram, vram, etc...)

I’m wondering what diagnostic tools everyone uses to figure out how much vram, ram, cpu, heap usage, stack usage, etc… are being used in their game. Either live or recorded. I know VS has some basic tools which work well enough but it doesn’t show vram for example.

Any recommendations? At some point a developer needs to figure out recommended specs to play the game smoothly.


Task Manager :heavy_check_mark:

That’s all I need for GPU activity now.

Concerning GPUs, you have nvidia nsight (dev account required to download it), gpa from intel…
For cpu, the diagnotics tools of visual 2017, redgate ants (free 15days), etc

Way back i used msi afterburner to adjust my gpu fan.
To my surprise it gives tons of information on what was going on with my card in real time everything from clock speed, temperature, memory usage to voltage on the gpu.

( I wouldn’t go adjusting the card with this though unless you know what you are doing as this thing is capable of adjusting more then just the fan on your gpu. e.g. overclocking the gpu itself )

4.4 was reacently released.

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I’m using NProfiler for CPU usage :slight_smile:
Still looking for a good profiler for GPU

for renderer debugging either Intel’s GPA or Renderdoc, both are excellent. The Visual studio tools are good for CPU performance profiling and finding bottlenecks.

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NVIDIA Nsight is working, but only for monogame x86 project. x64 not yet.