Did anyone done lazy theta star in c#?

Did anyone done lazy theta star in c#?

I found algorithm in c++.
But Iam lazy to rewrite it.

Nope. But take a look at this library… seems great. (haven’t used it myself though)…

(does NBA*; nice demo and README.md; MIT license)

Oh… if you implement it… add it to my link-list please :wink:

What is lazy theta star? Did you mean A* path-finding?

I think it is. But with different heuristic, different weight method…

Nah. I want to make direct walking from 1 point to other point to without lame a* paths, because i use grid. a* not for me, cuz a* cant walk in float in between grid.

I will debug lazy theta star C++ project to get idea how it works. And then I will rewrite it to C# DLL for all to use.

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I don’t see much different between the lazy theta star’s or an A* ?

A* is particularly to find a path around obsticals. How you assign nodes to a logical grid is in my opinion a matter separate of the algorithm itself.

To be honest it sort of looks like a rip off of the A* algorthm, one that doesn’t warrent enough difference or value to say its anything other then an special case A* variant.

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Yes I could predefine nodes on corners and do all sorts of stuff, but lets look a head to modern algorithms…

There are no “modern algorithms”. Just variants on the A* algorithm, which are all quite flexible and mature.

Will Motil is correct when he states that “Lazy Theta” is just another variant…

Cant disagree, without looking deeper. But yeah these algorithms are similar…

Here is what you are asking for in C#.

It’s basically A* based on a static triangular mesh. The line of sight checks between the vertices are done upfront so you might need some tweaking if you have a dynamic mesh.

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