Difference in seralization of Vector2 between Windows and Android?

In my current project I have a level definition that is basically just a bunch of Vector2s. I load it from a file, using Newtonsoft.Json’s JsonConvert.

While trying to make an Android version of my project, I ran into errors when trying to load the exact same file that worked in my Windows version.

I did some brief testing and it looks like in MonoGame.Framework.WindowsDX a Vector2 with X and Y of 20 gets serialized as "20, 20" while in MonoGame.Framework.Android it gets serialized as {"X":20.0,"Y":20.0}. It appears that when deserializing, the json needs to be in those same formats for each platform.

I am using version of both Windows and Android Monogame and version 13.0.1 of Newtonsoft.Json on both Windows and Android.

I’m not entirely sure whether to blame Newtonsoft or Monogame for this difference, but if anyone knows how I can load my existing files on Android that would be great.