Differences between WIndows versions

I’m still running monogame 3.01 at the moment and using DirectX, Am wondering what differences there are between the Windows versions that might affect monogame? I’ve just compiled a game ran it on a WIndows 7 machine and it worked without issue. When the same exe file is then run on a Windows 8.1 machine it works differently. The sprite collision detection is subtley different and so the sprite bobs up and down, when it collides with a wall it glides up it. Jumping from a height embeds the sprite in the floor. Are there known differences? I don’t really want to have to code and test for different versions of Windows.
Thanks in advance for any insight.

The same EXE and all the same MonoGame assemblies? That would make it hard to be a difference in MonoGame… the code it is executing it all the same.

Check the differences in frame rate between those two machines. If one is running much much faster than the other… it could just be something you didn’t detect on the first machine.

The exe is a compiled Scratch project (scratch.mit.edu) and all the “non-GAC” assemblies are resources within the exe itself and loaded on demand so monogame and sharpdx etc are all packaged within the exe. I was thinking about possible directx or driver differences or just OS API’s as you’re right the monogame code will be the same.
The game was written by someone else in Scratch who then requested it be compiled as part of my compiler beta test.
The exe can be downloaded here https://app.box.com/s/h1q5r8jju543nfg2sn21 (wasd keys to move plus keys 1 and 2 to spawn on each tower) I added a simple fps counter. The games should run at 30 fps which it does on Windows 7. If I can get access to the W8.1 machine I’ll try again today but would expect 30 fps as the machine is much faster than my W7 one.
Thanks once again for your help and insight Tom.

Getting a bit strange now! A W7 laptop works fine giving 30fps, a more powerful desktop running Vista gives 30fps but gives odd effects. The W8.1 laptop which is more powerful than the W7 laptop gives 21 fps and gives odd effects. The person who wrote the scratch project has odd effects on a W8.1 machine with 30fps and on a Vista laptop works fine at 20 fps. So doesn’t seem to be OS related neither does it seem performance related.

Performance on laptops is tricky. A lot of them have great CPUs paired with poor GPUs. Some come with badly out of date drivers that must be updated. Also all the power saving features which can slow down the performance artificially.

I would recommend running another other non-MonoGame game you have that can report frame rate across all those machines. Are you seeing the same performance differences? If so then it is all hardware/driver/OS specific.