Discrepency in draw position.

Re: verified this with the current build and older opengl build and posted it as a issue.

Is anyone seeing a scaling behavior to drawstring and to draw that is improper ?.
I haven’t tryed to update this build from some days back so maybe it was already fixed i dunno.

Is the applications Window.ClientBounds still determining the width and hieght for drawing to the app window. Or is it some other value ?
What value is now being used for the top left of the game window being 0,0 and its width and height that matches were the draw and mouse position will align to at the bottom right of the app window…
Mind you this must correspond the mouse position and draw positions drawn values which in this build it is not. In xna everyone used the tilesafearea as that was recommended.

Also im getting super weird behavior between were the visible mouse is on screen with just a regular draw or drawstring draw directly were its at.

Btw … were do i ask question about git cause im having a hard time understanding how to get the latests changes into my branch without totally screwing everything up like i um, ackk just did.

yep verifyed the old open gl version is working properly this is a way scaled down window no problems.
I racked my brain thinking my math was bugged, i just starred at it for hours without making a change.

This is going to be a simple 2d tilemap tutorial with of course scaling scrolling a minimap and hopefully implicit collision detection i have to rewrite that part for this.