Displaying ads on Monogame UWP app for Windows 10


I created a game based on the directions in this link:

And now I would like to add some in-game ads, how do I do that?

I’m currently targeting Windows 10. I’ve found instructions to add ads using XAML, but I’m not sure they’re applicable in my case because I’m drawing to the screen frame by frame.


XAML is an independent overlay aside from MonoGame, I can recommend a book that details this process, or someone can come along and tell you how.

HI fastoker,

Did you get any way to add adcontrols in a UWP project

Ok…go it now…just we need to add it in GamePage.Xaml page in traditional way

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Has Anyone, just anyone, ever written a monogame UWP that has ads in it, if so could they PLEASE let us in on the secret, a game created using CORE not XAML, running DirectX where we could just say level xx reached show ad - return to game, since most money indie programmers make is from releasing games for free and counting on ad revenue I would think this is kind of important? Monogame is a wonderful lib for cross platform dev but us poor people trying to make a buck need the ad revenue to continue, surly someone at some point in time has a game on Microsoft store or the PlayStore has ads attached to it? I’m talking fullscreen whap in your face video, not oh my app counts to ten, full blown full screen game, going to the next level - insert ad - continue game.
Plz don’t just point to HTTP links that show snippets that don’t work, MSDN is ZERO help, they say “just do this in XAML Main”, there is NO XAML Main in a monogame project, there is no how to, there is no all you have to do and there is no help via XNA.
Just trying to have a class I can call that go gets the AD, video or pic, waits for a click then continues?

Is there anyone out there that can help?


GOTO Windows UWP Interstitial Ads Called from any Class
To see how to do it!

Just ask… But you have to use XAML or make your own system…

go here

I have a game I that has been ported mostly to Monogame, and was considering a creative way of hosting full page video ads to punish viewers who never buy the full version and keep playing for days and weeks. I was first going to deploy in Microsoft Store either as UWP or as a windows EXE if those can already be published in it, and then on Xbox One if that has ad hosting, using the MS Advertising SDK. Yesterday I see this disturbing news that Ad Hosting is not doing well and will be pulled, even as ad revenue though it seems to be a huge driver for mobile games.


There are no comments, backlash and its not mentioned in other places like the advertising SDK.

msdn ad monetization platform

Has anyone seen this, for know why ads would only work on mobile? I don’t want to do in-app purchases and only recently figured out how to make in-game ads not ruin the sense of immersion, or ruin the design. Is it already possible to publish Win32 apps in Microsoft Store, with or without some kind of ad hosting?

Not really focussed on ad revenue, so, I would not be the one to ask, try the forums relating to ads?