Distortion in Soundeffect

I noticed that there is a little distortion introduced into the sound file when played as a soundeffect. This disappears when converted to a soundeffectInstance but there are times we need to use soundeffect. ( when you need a rapid repetition of the sound like in machine gun fire)
Is there a specified Sample Rate and Bit depth that is favoured by Monogame to prevent this distortion?

I run all of my sounds as 1411kbps .wav files, and I haven’t had any distortion problems when running them in multiple instances. I use a click sound when I hover over a button, and you can spam that pretty quickly.
I think that translates to 16bit sound.

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are you running them as SoundEffect or SoundEffectInstance? This problem is with SoundEffect and NOT SoundEffectInstance. The Audio is left with a few milisecounds of noise at the end of each file and the file total sound is a bit granulated.

I think that I run all of mine as instances that I create from the SoundEffect class. You shouldn’t have any problems running a lot of instances at once, though. Someone with more experience on the matter could probably chime in, though.

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