Do you want to be a developer in new growing team? Looking for Monogame developers.

We’re looking for new co-workers for our growing team. We need XNA / MonoGame developers. We’re from Czech Republic and Slovakia. We also speak English so communication shouldn’t be a problem. At this moment, we’re working on 2D top-down style medieval RPG, where you play as a thief. The game runs on our own engine.

Here are some screenshots: You can expect more later.

If you want more information about our game or the engine, feel free to contact us at

We need more programmers.

If you want people to be interested in your project, then maybe you should provide us with more information. What is the project about? What progress has been made so far? What skill does you team possess?

Some screenshots or video footage would also help getting people interested in your project.

Good luck!

We are non-profit studio.
Here are some „work in progress“ things:

Multiplayer basics
GUI controls

Aleady done:

Some sounds
Inventory (Drag ‘n’ Drop, Taking items from the ground and such)
Character walking

One of our best developers made this multiplayer test. If you are interested, you can watch it here:

It’s only meant for testing, designed to try functionality of our engine.


we have new trailer

Looks like an interesting project. Good luck to you guys! Make sure you have some really good art for the final builds, it makes a huge difference

Thank you.

With new year we want show news in game, so in February we will upload and share new video with new main character and character’s animations of moving. In January we are working on isometric buildings, in engine on GUI Builder for designers. But we still have lack of programmers, so development of game is slow. We exchanged Dropbox and use BitBucket. Contact is still our email Our webpage is nonfunctional now, we are working on better.