Does anyone have a link to the project described in this video

I was watching this video with some of you guys here.

About 28 minutes in there is a little example for how to pull in pixel data thru the content pipeline with a importer processor writer reader by dean ellis.
He later says he would post a link, but there isn’t one in the description.

Now to be honest i have done zero content pipeline importer stuff to this point.
I could simply get around it in xna i just streamed most things in myself.
However with GetData no longer working on gl i have to and i think its about time i learned how to.

So … does anyone have a link to the example project in the video that shows how to do it.
Or another that shows how to grab the pixel data into a color array on image load thru the content pipeline. I need it in a pixel color array i can still use set data or save as png if need be.

Let’s ask @KonajuGames this one…

I found a basic example that works well i had to make a few minor changes but it describes the basics pretty well and it worked.

So essentially i want to do what hes doing here but with a color array.

Im still missing how you get the image data of the other texture processor though.

Not sure where you got this idea from, but GetData works fine for DesktopGL. It doesn’t for mobile because we can’t pull data from the GPU in GL ES (there are extensions, but in general it’s not supported).

Ah i thought it got yanked from all the gl versions.

So how would i go about doing it anyways ?