Does Mono officially support Nintendo Switch?

I’ve saw that there are MonoGame games running on Nintendo Switch but on Mono’s supported platforms page it doesn’t list Nintendo Switch:

I’m just trying to get my head around how Mono is used. Did they make a compiler that runs on the switch? Or is it a MonoGame dev that has got it working another way? Or has Nintendo already included Mono?

I’ve never worked with consoles, but to my knowledge, .NET IL is passed through BRUTE to generate native code for the Switch. Many consoles do not have a .NET or Mono runtime available.

EDIT: If you’re asking specifically about MonoGame, then yes it does; several games have been developed with it for Switch.

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This thread seems to indicate that it does

What @Kimimaru has said :slight_smile:

Yes, consoles don’t support JIT compilation and require stuff to be AOT compiled (same as Apple devices).

Do you think native compilation with NetCore and CoreRT could work on consoles ?