Does selecting a Project Type matter?

There are multiple different project types when first creating a MonoGame project like Windows Project, Android Project, IOS Project, etc. If I select a Windows project for example, am I limited to ONLY creating a game for Windows computers? or can I at a later date decide to also port it to Android?

You make one project for each platform you want to support. These projects only have platforms specific code in them.Then have a project for the game itself that is referenced by all these platform projects. You can do a shared content project too, but I don’t remember how to set that up.

I’m assuming that it can be ported, so it seems a bit trivial, but again - I’m no expert. The way I’d do it is to have a copy of the project for each platform/platform type; i.e one project for desktop devices, one for mobile devices, and one for consoles (if you’re going that far). I don’t think it would work for mobile devices though, because, well, there are separate templates for Android and iOS for a reason right? Not sure.