Does this animation look consistent to you?

I’ve posted this YouTube video: link to YouTube video of animation. The question is: does the speed of the arrows increase as the distance to the target decreases? Or, is it an optical illusion?

Here’s the animation code (in Update()):

// increments animation of firing
            if (DrawingFiringArrow)
                timeSinceLastFiringAnimation += gameTime.ElapsedGameTime.Milliseconds;

                if (timeSinceLastFiringAnimation > millisecondsPerFiringAnimation)
                    timeSinceLastFiringAnimation -= millisecondsPerFiringAnimation;


                    if (FireArrowIncrement < FiringArrowPath.Count - 5)
                        FireArrowIncrement = 0;
                        System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(10); // add a delay between repeats?

            } //      if (DrawingFiringArrow)

Anybody have thoughts on this? Do I need to slow down the animation the shorter the loop?


I think it would be more pleasing if it slowed down some on the closer units. I’m not sure the arrow needs to reach the target at the exact same speed regardless of distance traveled, but it is a little distracting how fast it recycles on the closet units.

Your game is looking pretty good.


So, do you think it’s an optical illusion? The arrow IS traveling at the same speed, right? I could probably write something that slows down the speed based on length of distance to travel.

I think the arrows that are far from the target are move visible because of the distance, shorter ranges are barely visible , I would change the logic to show the path and an arrow moving on top of it so it can be visible for longer time. But it looks like an optical illusion for me.

I’ve increased the delay after each loop to 100 milliseconds and that has helped quite a bit. I think the optical illusion was caused by it looping quickly.