Dogfight Control iOS & Android

My first mobile game!

I work with XNA on a daily basis so getting to start a project with monogame was really awesome.
It’s a classic line-drawing thing but with enemies you have to shoot down as well.
I would love to hear some critique, both good and bad. I can take it, just not anything about how fat my mother is! :wink:

Available on both iOS and Android
Link to stores

This game is not terrible! :smile:

Are you stretching the screen on iphone 5? The planes don’t seem the right shape.
not doing that would be nice, people won’t really notice if the play area is a slightly different shape, but the planes being the wrong shape is quite noticeable.

I was shooting for “not terrible” :wink:

Yes I’m afraid I do, I have developed with the ipad resolution which is stupid since it doesn’t have the same aspect ratio as most phones.
I haven’t decided if it’s worth updating but at least on the next game I compensate with more background on the sides. I will change my virtual resolution to the same aspect ratio as the device before I create the scale matrix.
Or do you have a better solution?

I really appreciate your input! Thanks for taking a look!

Cool game mate! I thought it was a very unique concept.

I’m actually interested in how you created the line drawn by the user / what the object looks like in code.
Anyway, my thoughts, as tested on a Nexus5:

  • Graphics were cool, but not incredible. The planes look great, but the menu items look a little dry. Explosion animations were fun, and the background looks good although did not have much variety.

  • Gameplay was very smooth! I’ve only played through the 5th level so far, but it responds exactly as expected. The “impending collision” warning is a nice feature.

  • The back button does nothing? This isn’t a problem at all but an easy thing to manage in code (not sure if you disabled it intentionally)

  • The launcher icon does not stand out much and does not look sharp :frowning: I think in my case it is because it looks pixelated. Maybe you forgot to include all the sizes (hdpi, mdpi, xhdpi, etc)
    here is a screenshot for you to see on my phone:

  • Personally, I don’t like the way monogame handles the landscape orientation switching because it is very easy to flip the screen with minimal tilt. I would suggest leaving only landscapeLeft on because it can look confusing to a player, but this is purely my option.

I hope that is helpful as constructive criticism, all of the above are minor points really. I honestly think the game is fun! Good job, I’m leaving your game a review. Good luck getting through the ranks, it is tough!

Rather than stretching the graphics to fit the screen, just set the play area to the screen size (scaled the same in each direction so it is roughly the same across screen shapes). The play area will have a different aspect ratio on different devices, so some might have an advantage/disadvantage, but it will probably be minor.

Thanks for the detailed input!

The lines are triangle mesh with a white/transparent alternating texture. When the user draws I just add new triangles at a fixed distance. I can send you that code if you want but it’s really nothing fancy, in fact the code might be a bit ugly.

Graphics: I struggle with the graphics, I’m a programmer and art is really not my thing. I bought a few UI packages and tried to adjust them to fit the rest of the art style. This is probably something I will try to hire an artist to do in the future.

Gameplay: Nice, thanks!

Back button: I totally forgot about that. So there’s no code for it :slight_smile:

Icon: I messed up with the android icons. You are right, I forgot different sizes but also that one got scaled wrong. I will fix and upload a new APK in a few days.

Orientation: Good idea, I will look into it!

Again thanks for the input! It really helps!

OK, good idea! I will try that in the next game. Thanks