Is it possible to donate money to MonoGame dev team?
If so, how can I do it?

Here you go :

PS : I just donated little amout of Money but i am not sure it is finished succesfully.

Edit : False flag. Using paypal appears ok.

DO NOT donate via Paypal.

I just donated a little amouth of Money and looks like their email adress is false :

Hi @semihmasat, we received your $2.50 donation. Can you explain what is wrong with the address? Everything appeared to be working the way it should on this end and your donation will be updated on the donations page as soon as Tom has time to do it.


Hi @Thomas_Wiborg the link @semihmasat provided is correct. The donations are sent via PayPal to my account, I then get a confirmation email which is then forwarded to the MonoGame team.


Hi @CartBlanche,

Oh, when i saw a e-mail adress that doesn’t look belong to the MonoGame Project, i wondered why and send an e-mail to the

This is what i got as a result:

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

Delivery to the following recipients failed.

I just donated that amought to make sure donation system working. Looks like it is exept mail adress.

I just donated some as well and it sent me to another site with a weird error. (I can’t submit images as a new user…)

Whoops! Your session has expired.

If you were placing an order, please login and your shopping cart will be restored. You may then go back to the checkout and complete your final purchases.

If you had completed an order and wish to review it, or had a download and wish to retrieve it, please go to your My Account page to view your order.

This is not the kind of thing you want to see after making a donation. It would be nice if you added a Flattr button to the project.

Yea, but it looks like it is not a problem.

Paypal redirected website ( in this case ) isn’t relevant to us.

Just ignore the warning. The paypal account owner is part of the MonoGame community. That is just his old website i believe.