dotnet core and portability

So I’d like to build my game using the Project.json and dotnet.

I’m getting back into C# having been out for awhile.

Is it possible to target .net Core using nuget and Project.json with monogame?

I don’t seem anyone doing this, all the examples I’ve seen are people probably starting with the visual studio monogame template.

json is getting dropped in favor of csproj, don’t even bother with it…

As for .net Core, it’s still very early in development and MonoGame doesn’t yet support it.

Has any thought been put into porting MG to .NET Core? I don’t know how feasible that is, but in the long run that might be beneficial (code sharing, performance)

It seems to be the direction microsoft is headed. Would get us close to being able to take advantage of the ahead of time Native Code compilation, which in turn could possibly open up more platforms.