DotneTemplate not working on Mac OS X


I had some problems using dotnet template for Mac using dotnet core sdk.

The csproj file in the path below seems to be wrong.


I’m not sure but in my case worked only when I change de code below.

    <PackageReference Include="MonoGame.Framework.DesktopGL" Version="3.8.*" />           
    <PackageReference Include="MonoGame.Content.Builder" Version="3.8.*" />            

to the code below

    <PackageReference Include="MonoGame.Framework.DesktopGL.Core" Version="" />    
    <PackageReference Include="MonoGame.Framework.DesktopGL" Version="" />    
    <PackageReference Include="MonoGame.Content.Builder" Version="" />  

MonoGame.Content.Builder has not 3.8.* version in nuget.
MonoGame.Framework.DesktopGL has not version 3.8.* in nuget.
MonoGame.Framework.DesktopGL.Core is needed.

If I’m right I can correct the code on github.