Drag files into the game Window

i’m coding a program to create a Collage out of many Images. Is there a way that the user can drag Image files into the window? (e.g. from the Windows Explorer)

In xna that was easy because you could create a Windows Form from the window:

form = System.Windows.Forms.Form.FromHandle(Window.Handle) as System.Windows.Forms.Form;

then I used the DragEnter, DragOver and DragDrop Events.

Can I do something similiar in Monogame?

If you are using Windows (The directx one, not WindowsGL) you should be able to do what you’ve posted above.

When I started, I created a new Windows OpenGL project

Change your project to reference the DX one, everything should continue working as it is.
If you have built content you’ll need to change it to build against DX.

okay. thank you. Is there a way to Close this Topic?