Draw-method draws different lines on iOS and Android

Hello! With the exact same code I get two different results when I play the game on Android and iOS. Here is a picture to compare the two:

enter image description here

The upper line is from iOS and the one under it is from Android. Do anyone know why we get two so different results when we draw the lines with the exact same code? I got a Line class which draws a line, the draw method in the line class is below.

public void Draw (SpriteBatch spritebatch)
		float angle = (float)Math.Atan2 (PointB.Y - PointA.Y, PointB.X - PointA.X);
		int length = (int)Vector2.Distance (PointA, PointB);
		LineRect = new Rectangle ((int)PointA.X, (int)PointA.Y, (int)Texture.Width, (int)Texture.Height);
		spritebatch.Draw (Texture, PointA, LineRect, Color, angle, Vector2.Zero, new Vector2 (length, Width), SpriteEffects.None, 0);

If i change the Texture.Width=1 and Texture.Height=2 and width of the line to 3, it works perfectly on both Android and iOS. But if i want to have a thicker line, and the Texture.Width and Texture.Height is 3 and the width of the line is 12, it works like a charm on Android, but then it gets buggy on iOS. Texture.Width=2 and Texture.Height = 1 and Width = 13 works on iOS.
So the question is how come something like different Texture.Height, Texture.Width and Width values can bug the line? And doesn’t give the same output on iOS and Android when its just XNA?

Which image is correct and can you describe what is wrong with the incorrect image? When you say it works like a charm on one and is buggy on the other, can you describe what you mean by “charm” and “buggy”? We need to know what exactly you are trying to achieve and how it is wrong.

Never mind, i figured out the problem :slight_smile:
When keeping the textures width and height to be 1, and just changing the scaling of the line (width and length in the draw method), it worked as wished (drawing a line created on the fly with bezier curves)