Drawing stops

Linux Arch x86
Monogame 3.6

Graphic card here https://www.dropbox.com/s/300ccrg1xvghssq/VGA.jpg?dl=0
video here https://www.dropbox.com/s/dd1t83kisa8z8xx/video.mp4?dl=04

This is cash point with touch screen. You can see at video that drawing stops and after touch a screen drawing continue.
Owner has rollback to monogame 2.5 and all works fine. What can be problem in? Please help.

I’ve found out code where thread stops



in class which in GraphicsDevice.OpenGL.cs

More over I’ve noticed that after stopping application continue drawing if I press any key on keyboard or if I touch on touchscreen

Do you have vsync enabled? Can you try disabling it?

I’ve tried it and nothing happened

New observation show that this is new mono version problem, because this happens on 2.5 monogame version with new mono but with all mono (2.10) all works fine