Drawing tiles in 3D - Calculation position / location

Assuming I have a set of tiles I am drawing at some angle (e.g. 30 degrees, 45 degrees etc.). How can I determine the correct locations for each tile so that they form a checkerboard pattern (e.g. the tiles of a chess / checker board)?

Does anyone have any suggestions or some formula(s) that you could point me to? Ideally, this would work for whatever angle I use for the tiles.


Create a rotation matrix , and then transform all positions by than matrix.

For better performance you can do the same with a quaternion.

if you want mouse picking you use Viewport.Project/Unproject and use the rotation matrix as the world.

Ultimately you can use a scene graph.

Thanks for the response!

I am currently using SROT for my world calculations. Do you mean I should switch to TSRO?

I was actually thinking about that last night… But it means overriding my default world calculation with this formula… Which isn’t a big deal, but I just need to find a clean way to do it.

I was wondering if there was another way this might be done, but this might be the easiest. I’ll test it tonight.