Dynamic Sounds and Visualization Data

Hello everyone,

I read a few things about how VisualizationData is not implement and possibly won’t be and I can see how DynamicSoundEffectInstance isn’t available either. I was just here to ask if anyone has found a work around for either of these. I really would like to work with frequency in a game on top of that i would like to manipulate the audio play back, ex.) fast forward, reverse and changing frequencies.
I know its a lot to ask for and I’ve been trying to create my own solution. I’m just hoping that someone might have had a solution to save my time.

Thank you!
Kevin Keyser

There are a few popular audio engines out there, maybe you should give them a go? I know that some people have gotten fmod to work with MonoGame. There’s also a wrapper for the Wwise engine found here!

~ philip

Thank you so much Philip!

Sorry it took so long on the reply back I read the post the next day I just had to figure out that is what I needed. It took a while but I have all the resources I need from Fmod along with it being friendly price wise to indie developers.

Greatly Appreciated!

Kevin Keyser