[Editor] I opened an open source editor project and made the editor with me.

I am very excited because I started to develop an editor for MonoGame that will have exciting features like code editor, resource manager, UI editor, map editor, particle editor and a full editor help documentation. .

I am also particularly grateful to the author of MonoGame.Extended, my editor uses his map and particle library.


The editor is still in production. The script was created using Lua. I hope everyone can support

Because I am a new user, I can only pass some pictures


This seems…very neat. This is one thing I want to set up for my game engine. Writing UI in my engine is very time-consuming, and there’s no map/world system, etc. It’ll be cool to implement that stuff.

Yes, I will integrate everything into the editor. I have listed a lot of interfaces in this document. This is for future developers to develop faster.

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Does anyone want to join me in perfecting this editor?


This is my project address. I hope we can work together.