Efficient Semi-Realistic 3D Eyes Shader Advice?

Recently been looking into using environment mapping or maybe something similar but using a single plane to map from - to create a semi-transparent illusion of the horizon or general environment on eyes of main-character(s) [when the camera is close enough for it to matter] … or maybe even generate a cube-map in real-time?.. if that’s not too overkill :wink:

I’m even toying with the idea of using 2 layers for the eye as done with professional 3D animations - where the outside one is kinda like a glass material.

I’m wondering if anyone has any general opinions on this?

I have tried it before, it’s too subtle and doesn’t improve realism IMHO.

Much nicer and really impressive in the right circumstances is pupil size.

Animating the pupil based on light levels just looks amazing, but you have to create locations in the game where it happens otherwise it’s a waste of time. :yum:

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^ yes

unless you already have cube map there and use it for other parts…
one spherical map is enough

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Not sure this is of much use. Has a pointless follow up vid too :confused:

I guess adding a cube map for environment reflection might help it along a bit too…

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Yah, that’s very much like what I’m going for - with the layers and very shiny. Definitely going to add dilation and try some environment reflection too. Not that it’s necessary for a game - I just thought it would be fun to make and would look cool. I can always dial back effects as they get further away or face the other direction. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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