Elementes (old-school puzzle game for Windows)

Hi! Thanks for viewing!

I wanted to showcase my first ever game made using Monogame. The code and all the assets took me around a week to finish.

The game, titled Elementes, was inspired by old-school puzzle games for Windows 3.1 that I used to play on my dad’s computer at the office as a wee lad. I think the gameplay is also somewhat similar to modern mobile games like CandyCrush, although I did not have an opportunity to play those, and also I don’t give a care :wink:

I coded this for Windows only. But mate - you will ask - why did you code a Windows-only game using a framework that was designed to create cross-platform games? Good question, but this is my first game using Monogame alright? So don’t you judge me!

If it serves as any consolation, I absolutely love this framework. My previous game I tried to develop using Windows Forms (yeah, I know), which felt a bit like trying to amputate my own leg with an old rusty sickle. Not only painful, but ineffective as well. In that context Monogame feels like getting my leg amputated in a modern hospital. The end effect is pretty much the same, but it’s smooth and painless, and you don’t wish you’d rather have died than gone through the process.

Anyhow, I’d be happy if you wanted to try out the game. Read more and download on itch.io:

Your download link is down. Why not put your game on itch.io? That’s a lot more trusted and might even gain you some feedback :slight_smile:

Congrats on finishing the game! It looks funny :smiley:

Glad you liked MonoGame!

Awesome!! … I think?

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Thanks for the reply and I’m glad you like the look of the game. I went for the only visual style that I can consistently draw in, that I like to call “utter garbo” :wink:

The download link seems to be working ok for me, but I followed your advice and uploaded the game to itch.io:


So easy to use, that itch.io platform, I didn’t know about it before, but I’ll use the heck out of it now.