Embedded Textures in FBX files

Hi guys,

I’m a bit stumped trying to convert my old XNA 4.0 project over to MG finally.

In XNA 4.0 I embedded my textures in my models when I exported from Softimage (I have 3DS Max but I’m not so good at using it).

For some reason the FBX Importer in Monogame still seems to want to look some folder for a missing texture.

Do I need a separate folder for my model textures or something and then export my models without their textures? Or do I need to export them differently? I’m not sure why it doesn’t just work the same as the XNA Importer unless i’m missing a setting somewhere.

I have searched and found a few people with similar problems but didn’t see an answer, besides most of the posts were from 2 years ago+.

Thanks in advance.

u can try to tick the embed media when export fbx in 3dsmax

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Import them into 3ds them export them with embedded media?

Ok i’ll give that a shot. I guess people have sucessfully imported fbx models with textures embedded?

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I’ve succesfully done that in the past with some XNA sample. I remember having to convert the .fbx files to update the format though. I think the converter I used was the following: http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/pc/item?siteID=123112&id=22694909
When you build the .fbx with the Pipeline Tool, make sure the images are in the same folder relative to the .fbx file as when it was exported (you should be able to search for the image name in the .fbx file if you forgot), then the image should automatically be built when you build the .fbx file, you don’t need to add the image files to the Pipeline Tool (it shouldn’t matter if you do though, in case you want to use the image seperately too). After building the .fbx, make sure the image file .xnb is in the bin folder of the Pipeline Tool too. The name will have _0 or something appended to it, that’s to prevent naming conflicts for assets that are built as dependencies for other assets.

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Thanks guys. Importing my fbx into 3DS then just exporting it again worked fine. I guess SoftImage 2012 doesn’t use a new enough FBX format when it exports or something.

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Ha. Ok after finally getting my Custom Model Processors, SkyBox, Terrain etc all working in MonoGame I finally came to actually draw one of the sucesfully built models and they have no meshes.

I have one with an animation. It has 50 odd bones but mysteriously no meshes.

I thought this was something wrong with my custom processor so I tried drawing one of my static models. A barn, no bones (well besides the root) and this also has no meshes.

Any idea what I need to do to 3DS and/or MG to get my exported FBX’s to have any meshes? I’m stumped again.

It’s proving a fair challenge to convert all this XNA to MG so far

Well after some trial and error I turned off “Tangents and Binormals” which gave me meshes but then I was back to the texture problem. As someone suggested in some post i read somewhere… export as text and then edit the texture paths.

That worked and now I have models and (external) textures. At least its something useable even if it is a pain in the backside to work with.