Error Deploying to Xbox One

I was successfully able to deploy a couple of projects to Xbox One using Visual Studio but all of the sudden I’m getting “Unexpected Error: -2145615869” when deploying even a plain brand new project. A search for the error code shows nothing. Any idea what could be going on? Nothing’s changed on my PC between the time I was able to deploy and when I couldn’t.

Hi Machaira –

I occasionally encounter this behavior when the socket connection to the debugger is forcibly closed. If I completely close visual studio and reopen it this particular error goes away for me.

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For a while I had to switch out of Dev Mode on the console and back to get debugging to connect again. The whole DevMode feature is still pretty buggy on the consoles… but still really glad to see it out and so many people using it with MonoGame.

Restarting Visual Studio was the solution. Don’t know why I didn’t even consider it. :frowning: