Error while saving to .xml

Help me please. I create a small game in which I will need to save the information in .xml, but when I try to create a .xml or change a manually created file, I get an error.
I searched the Internet for information to solve this problem, but I didn’t find anything.
I using VS 2019

Desktop or UWP?

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You do not have permission to write to the path and or file.

  1. Check that you don’t already have the file open (Did you load it and not close the file?)

  2. Try writing to a different directory (Such as Documents).

  3. Validate that you are using the correct method to write the file

You could try running the game as Admin and see if you get the error as well. If you don’t then you know it’s a permissions issue.

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I am using Universal Windows Platform

Why did you use the project name "The Adventures Of Vlad The Humanoid"

Check the entire length of the path. I think it is well over the allowed path limit.

It general keep your project names as short as possible

sr4, sr4_ump, sr4_ggp

Good project names

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Stick to just this or add The if you must.

Also, UWP has a unique way of file creation.

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