Error with Android debug build (a shared runtime initialization error)

I’m trying to get my MG Android project to work. It can be built and deployed to my test device, but an error always shows up after the deployment. Below is the error message:

Forwarding debugger port 8816
Detecting existing process
[art] Late-enabling -Xcheck:jni
[MonoDroid] shared runtime initialization error: dlopen failed: library “/data/app/Mono.Android.DebugRuntime-1/lib/arm/lib/” not found

I googled a bit and found this link:

But the solution doesn’t work for me because there is no Mono.Android.DebugRuntime on my device.

I know this is probably more of a Xamarin issue rather than a MG issue, but I’m really at my wit’s end… Has anyone run into this problem before? :frowning:

The shared runtime is installed as a separate application onto your Android device. Do you see it in the list of applications?

No, it is not on my device…

And the same issue happens when I use emulator for testing…

The debug runtime is installed when the app is launched in debug configuration from Xamarin Studio or Visual Studio. If you are deploying the app manually and trying to launch it on the device or the emulator without going through Xamarin Studio or Visual Studio, you will get this error.

If you are launching it through Xamarin Studio or Visual Studio and still getting this error, check the Build or Deploy logs in the editor to see if there were any issues reported during the deployment.

I uninstalled and re-installed Xamarin and now that error is gone. Still have no idea what was going on though… Thanks for the help @Nezz and @KonajuGames ! :smile: