Everything is pink when building monogame from source

When building monogame from source, everything is pink. I have tried with both the master and develop branch and get the same result. When using the nuget package or other binary I do not have this problem. However, I’d like to compile from source so that I can implement the temporary fix for instancing in opengl.

Edit: I resolved this by building Monogame in a separate project and using release rather than debug

Debug version clears the rendertargets to pink as debug so that you know that the rendertarget hasn’t been cleared. Use a GraphicsDevice.Clear (Color.Black) (in example) every time you select a RenderTarget, or at the start of the Draw, if you don’t use RenderTargets.

I wasn’t aware that the debug did that. I do clear the rendertargets with GraphicsDevice.Clear(Color.Transparent) and it still shows as pink. I will keep aware of this in the future and make changes as necessary. Thank you for the clarification on how that works!