Exception non gérée MCB.EXE

bonjour à tous

depuis quelques jours à l’ouverture du Monogame Pipeline, sans rien ajouter -> Build, j’ai un message
d’exception non gérée.(Monogame 3.5)

je recommence la manipulation sur un projet vierge, idem.

je ne sais pas quel est l’origine du problème et j’envisage de réinstaller Visual Studio + Monogame mais je ne syuis pas sûr du résultat.

qu’en pensez-vous ?

Merci d’avance.


‎Hi all‎
‎for a few days at the opening of the Pipeline Monogame, without adding anything-> Build, I have a message‎
‎unhandled exception. (Monogamous 3.5)‎
‎I start a blank project handling, ditto.‎
‎I don’t know what is causing the problem and I plan to reinstall Visual Studio + monogamous but I not very sure of the result.‎
‎What do you think?‎
‎Thanks in advance.‎

Version actuelle: 3.6… A essayer

j’ai essayé mais c’est pareil

If you could use english, not everyone here knows french and using a translator everytime is just pointless. :slight_smile:

in english : with version 3.5 (same with 3.6) : when beginning a new monogame projet, as soon as I go to Monogame Pipeline, I build without any texture or anything else, I get an exception message :unhandled exception with MGCB.exe follow the number of exception which is never the same number !

what to do (reinstall visual studio and Monogame) ?


see the second post…

Yeah, it’s not very useful translating these posts every time. :slight_smile:
My point is: English should be the main required language on this forums.

The issue is not related to Visual Studio, but I’m not sure what it could be. I’d expect reinstalling MonoGame to fix it.

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I don’t want to divert the thread, just want to say, we need to be accommodating, and friendly, I am happy to translate in the immediate time of posting if I catch it and am able to do so at the time, but some effort must be made on the OP side to seek out a translation service as their usage is now widely known and widely available…

I don’t feel English MUST be mandatory, there are many forums which accommodate various languages [as those groups number enough to warrant such segregation], however as the prevailing universal communications language is English [Or Russian if you were on the Mir space station… man, getting old burns… pun intended] Anyway, cutting this short and I will not make any further comment here about it, We should try to use English, or translate [They are pretty good these days for most western European languages such as French and German to English] or at the very least, use our natural languages and make the effort to translate and place it below the original help request, I can only do the translations on desktop as on mobile it can become tricky, though as a disabled person I usually am in front of my computer all day lol… but other users are not always by a desktop computer, it is easy to comment on a post on a mobile device, however making the effort to copy, paste and translate a post is too much effort on the Helping persons side [Especially when there are images midway through the post], so you should make as much effort to allow them to help you…

Hmm, perhaps I should start a thread on ‘How to make a post to request help’ type thing… [Like this post enough and it shall be done]

One final note, PLEASE, please… don’t make it a guessing game of what the language you have posted in is, just state it somewhere… I use an auto-translator and on some occasions it can go amiss on some languages… believe me, it happens…

Thanks for reading and I hope this thread did not veer too far off course, and I think this thread can be marked as SOLVED once you verify a clean install fixes the issue…

Woops, I seem to be writing long form today… sorry… dealing with a lot of legalise lately…

As english is the worldwide/international language for say… aviation, Information Technologies (sic !)… It is required and a “must have” for any developer as most of the docs/error messages are written in/by anglo-americans. (And I’m not anglo-american at all but I can see the importance of being able to be/understand others)

But… the most spoken language is not the english :wink: It’s Mandarin Chinese… Maybe I should learn it too.

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Well, Spanish or French too :stuck_out_tongue: then English, French is widespread throughout Africa… and that is a whole damn continent :stuck_out_tongue:

Not to mention the scientific community communicates in English too… a shame our politicians do not agree on the idea :stuck_out_tongue:



Mmmm French is mostly spoken in formerly colonies. But they are not “top” innovative countries in IT.
Even in Canada they speak french in some states, but a lot of surface for a few people per square meter.
French is so hard (I know what I’m talking about ;)) especially for foreigners. English is so easy.

a shame our politicians do not agree on the idea

Totally agreed.

@Jean_Louis_Kuhm windows x64 ?

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