.exe is not built

----UPDATE— It seems that I can only run monogame on 64 bits OS, I didn’t know that…
----Original post-----
Hi, I just downloaded monogame 3.5 with VS2015 and when I just create the project and try to debbug it I got the error that .exe is no created, every option of built is checked and the output paths are ok :c any ideas?

Did you set the project to target .NET 4.5? MonoGame 3.5 uses .NET 4.5.

Yes it is. I also tried on Visual Studio 2013 but the same.

Is the project included in the selected build configuration?

Yep, I mean I don’t touch anything, as soon as it’s created I try to debbug but the .exe file is ‘missing’. I’ve looked all the possible answers on internet:(

It could be the project was created from a bad template? I suspect that the project is not selected to be built for one of x86 DEBUG, x86 RELEASE, x64 DEBUG, etc. Could you post a screenshot of your configuration manager just for sanity check? It’s under Build > Configuration Manager... in Visual Studio.