Existential Game

I created a very simple game for an AP English project on existentialism. There is really no point to it, but that is the point. You are Sisyphus and you push a boulder up a hill. Forever. To play just rapidly press the space key. If you don’t hit it fast enough the boulder rolls back down and you must start over.

Click download in the top right hand corner and select direct download.


You should stick a guy on the rock who eats snacks fans himself and constantly urges the player to roll the rock faster, insults him if he slows down, screams and yells at him if he stops. (give him lots of different stuff to say).

Let the guy throw banana peels in front of the rock from time to time if he goes to fast that he must absolutely walk over and slip.

You know combine it with basic game philosophy to make boring existentialism fun or at least funny.