"Explaining every string" - retro twinsteak shooter now in Beta (also opensourced)

Few years ago I’ve decided create videogame on streams online. Like, fully create. From first line to last boss-fight. 400+ streams later I have beta version on itch io.

What this educational/art project have:

Sources on github. Code under MIT. Assets under CC-BY 4.0. Not greatest code you will see but certainly not the worse.

Youtube channel where I stream development of this game. Unfortunately, it’s all in Russian. I’ll be glad if someone say Hi on stream, though =)

Can't display it here. Links limit.

Discord server.

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What I need now to finish this project: some feedback and beta-testing. Current state of this game: you can complete it and it’s better than “Cyberpunk release”. Maybe it’s even better than “Typical Bethesda release”. You can find this game here:

Hope, you love retro gaming =)

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