Export Monogame Crossplatform Project for Linux

Hey everyone,

I’ve create a Monogame Crossplatform project because I want to run it on Linux OS. I’ve discover and try the Monokickstart but I don’t understand how can I use it even with the short explanation on Github. Somebody can help me to create it ?

Thanks a lot.

FNA has a nice tutorial for using MonoKickstart here. There’s a slight chance some steps might need to be adjusted for MonoGame.

Alternatively if you are targeting .NET core you can simply run dotnet publish -r linux-x64 and it will generate a self contained Linux executable.

For extra Linux points you can also add the following nuget package:

It will automatically generate a .flatpak Linux package for your game, just make sure you’ve installed the required dependencies. Instructions are available on the Github page

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Thanks for the answer !

What I am suppose to run the command ? On my project file ? My “Release file” ?

Thanks for your answer. After one day of trials, I can’t use the build.sh on my Linux, the terminal don’t found the mojoluac file on bin folder.