Export of Texture3D

I have a Texture3D (which I create using code) and I want to export it to a file which I can then load again using the MonoGame pipeline. This way I can provide the Texture3D by loading it through the pipeline.
My question is if there is recommended file format I should use? I should have checked but did not so yet… Wondering if there is maybe a method provided by MonoGame for saving a Texture3D to file (in a compatible file format)?

Used to be that .DDS and .DXT were the norm, anyway:

Texture formats - polycount

The thing is I want to load it again through the pipeline and I this was not possible at some pojnt in the past I found out. Can the MonoGame pipeline handle 3D textures now? If yes then it makes more sense to look into how the export should look like to be compatible with the pipeline.

Until then I could go for a solution where I export and then import only the slices (2D) and then recombine them but this does not help in reducing the code. I would only then not generate the texture from code but have code for the 2D slices to 3D texture conversion.

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XNA was able to, not sure if that came over to MG, be nice if it did i have an Nvidia fire shader that uses a 3d texture for noise.

I might have ported it to MG, but i think i ended up creating the noise in code in the end.

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Are you 100% sure that loading it will be faster than generating it again on start up? (From personal experience, it pretty much never is, if that gen is done on GPU… and if it isn’t, then follow up question: Why?)

I just want to have it available in a standard format. I load it in from a binary file in this case and it works but also having the texture available as an image file ideally natively compatible with the MonoGame pipeline that would be nice.
For now the speed is not really an issue it is just about loading it through the pipeline and also reducing the code a bit is nice.
I mean in other future projects I could then just load it with one line of code and it works. So I guess it just is about having all options using code or an image file.