Exporting MonoGame Projects

After some online research about how to export MonoGame projects so they will run on computers without MonoGame installed, I found a solution that said that all you have to do is build it in release mode. I tried this, and it seemed to work, but obviously I have MonoGame installed. Is there a way to check this without another PC? Any help would be appreciated! :smiley:

Don’t worry it will run on other machines :slight_smile:

But if you want to test your game in a different environment without having access to a real other machine, you could set up a virtual machine. This is also great if you want to test your game on a Linux system etc.

I used VMwareWorkstation in the past with very good results.
You can download the free version here (You need a 64 bit system but you can host 32 bit systems in the VMwarePlayer).

Here is a YouTube video which explains how it works.