Extended: ECS Delayed Attach Detach and Collided Component

I have a component called Collided which is attached to an entity by the collision detection system when the entity has collided with one or more objects.

The Collided component is then deleted when all the collisions for the entity have been resolved (currently just entity pos = prev pos).

Due to the delayed attach/detach, this causes my entity to flicker when continuing walking through an object.
For now I’ve resolved this by using an isActive variable rather than attach/detach.

Could someone please provide more information on when the delayed attach/detach is called (i.e. when in the next update)?
Is there a way I can get this to work using the attach/detach rather than the isActive variable?

Have a look at this:

Might be what you are experiencing…

How do i modify this in my game?
Can I? Or do I have to wait for the issue to be resolved on GitHub?

EDIT: Resolved the .Detach() issue by having a check for the required Aspects during the SystemUpdate method. Immediate adding of entities to ActiveEntities via events more or less solves the .Put() issue.

I cloned the Monogame.Extended repository and made the change, compiled and then referenced the new dll the change was made in.

I also had to remove the nuget package it replaced.