Extensions to content manager

Hi Guys,

Do you think it would be worthwhile and possible to extend the content manager to have “FromFile” methods for each content type?

The reasons I would like this are …

  1. Libraries can have attached shaders you can easily incorporate into your game. So you keep the distinction between libraries and game code.

  2. You can have shaders generated from data at run time.

  3. You can have libraries of render items without having to add them directly to a game

  4. Makes modding a lot easier, you can just add assets to a folder and they are available in the game

  5. You can distance assets from code. For me this would be allowing assets to be on a seperate hard drive than the game.( I am worried that the game I am working on will have terrabytes of terrain data and that is going to be a problem for end users )

What do you guys think?